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Welcome to North Cheshire Forestry Tree Surgeons Manchester. We have been providing a professional and affordable tree surgeon service for clients Manchester Since 1976, making us one of the longest established tree surgeons Manchester has to offer.

If you are thinking of having some work done on your trees, why not get in touch now for your free estimate, all our work is carried out to the highest professional standards in the tree care industry.


Your estimate will give you an opportunity to discuss your objectives for your garden and allow our professional advice to guide you in getting the most from your tree service. North Cheshire Forestry tree surgeons Manchester are completely committed to giving you a first class, customer focused tree surgeon service to help you keep your trees healthy and natural looking.


Manchester tree surgeon since 1976


Like any good tree surgeon much of our business is through repeat customers and referrals. We have been in business since 1976 and that would not have been possible without a strong commitment to providing value for money, good customer service, using the latest equipment, employing well trained competent staff, and keeping up with the best techniques and practices in the tree care industry.


Tree Surgeon Manchester Services

North Cheshire Forestry Tree Surgeon Manchester undertake all aspects of tree surgery including, tree felling/ tree removal, dismantling, crown thinning, crown lifting, crown reduction, tree pruning, dead Wooding, and stump grinding. All our work is carried out to BS3008 standard for tree care.

At North Cheshire Forestry Tree Surgeons Manchester we only employ fully trained and experienced staff to ensure our work is to the highest standard, so you can rest assured that we are ready to provide you with the first class tree service you deserve for your garden.

North Cheshire Forestry Tree Surgeons Manchester belong to some of the most important trade bodies within the tree surgeon industry. So you can have complete peace of mind when employing us that our tree work will always be to the highest standard.


Tree Removal or tree felling


The complete removal of a tree. We will remove the tree from your garden in a timely and safe manner. Tree removal can be done in a number of ways and our experienced staff will select the best way to remove the tree safely, with the minimum of disruption to the surrounding area. We will then tidy up and leave you with a stump just below ground level or at the height of your choosing.





Tree felling

Tree felling is used when there is space to drop the whole tree in one piece, it is often the safest way to remove a tree from a garden. Specialist techniques and equipment are used to make sure the tree falls exactly where we require it to. While there are advantages to felling a tree in this way, it is often not the best option as it can be quite disruptive to the surrounding area. We would only choose this method after careful consideration of the tree and surrounding area.


Sectional felling


When a tree is not able to be felled in one go we would use sectional felling. Our climber would climb the tree and secure himself before dismantling the tree in pieces, branches would be removed the trunk would be logged up. This is often the best choice for having a tree removed, as it can be done in confined spaces. It is also employed in order to reduce the area of disruption caused by the removal of the tree.

This type of tree removal requires specialist knowledge and equipment. The use of ropes, ground protection, lowering devices, pulleys and arborist chainsaws, allow our team to perform this service safely and efficiently, with the minimum possible disruption to the surrounding work area.


Tree pruning


We offer a wide range of tree pruning that can provide benefit to your trees and the garden around them, here are some of the pruning services we offer

Crown thinning

Crown thinning is the removal of branches from a tree without altering the overall shape of the crown. There are some good reasons you might consider this for your trees. Firstly it reduces wind resistance making the tree more stable. This can be important for mature trees who have a great deal of weight and can be susceptible to coming down in high winds. The removal of branches also lessens the weight of the tree itself which also lends to stability. The other benefit of crown thinning is that it allows more light to come through the tree, which is often a big plus for our customers.


Crown lifting

Crown lifting is simply the removal of lower branches from a tree. This can be done to allow better access under the tree or if branches are starting to obstruct views or access to garden buildings.


Crown reduction

This service involves reshaping the tree while keeping it healthy and natural looking. This has similar advantages to crown thinning, making the tree more stable and allowing increased light into the garden. Crown reduction tends to be used when trees have got out of control or require rebalancing. When performing a crown reduction we will always try to keep the tree as natural looking as possible for you.


Dead wooding

Sometimes trees have dead branches that can be a safety issue if not removed. This can be especially true of some mature tree varieties. For this service a climber would secure himself in the tree and remove and dead wood making the tree safer and more healthy looking.



Stump grinding

If you need the stump of your tree removed from your garden then we have a stump grinding service available. This involves the stump being ground into small pieces that will soon rot down leaving you free to use the space however you see fit. We can provide this service along with our tree removal service on request, or as a standalone service if you have stumps from previous tree work in your garden.


Hedge trimming

We offer a full and professional hedge trimming service for our customers. Our bespoke service can be used to keep your hedges in trim or bring hedges that have grown to high/wide back under control. We can also remove hedges completely where appropriate.

Thanks for visiting out page, we look forward to hearing from you soon and providing you with a first class tree service.


North Cheshire Forestry Tree Surgeons Mancheter.





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